Asset Management

The assets owned by utilities can be valued at billions of pounds sterling or dollars. The institute of asset management recently estimated that around 40% of a utilities annual expenditure is spent on maintaining and replacing assets. It is therefore essential that this expenditure is targeted to achieve the maximum benefit.

In order to do this it is important to monitor and analyse asset performance. Knowing what information to collect and how to analyse that information is essential for any asset. However, in the case of utility networks, this becomes even more important as the cost of gaining access to the asset may be extremely high both for the utility itself and to society in terms of the traffic disruption, traffic movements and materials useage required for any road opening.

Watershed Associates can help with the establishment of appropriate performance criteria, the setting up of data bases to collect asset data, the analysis of asset data and the development of asset management plans which incorporate both day to maintenance solutions and major refurbishments and replacements.