Case Studies

Restructuring of the production function, Three Valleys water

A dedicated department employing over 100 staff was established from a distributed function broken up within 10 different areas, whilst maintaining full output with no loss of quality. All staff rendered redundant within the function were redeployed within the company, maintaining a scarce skills resource within an area of full employment. The structure established at the time is still in place and apart from some retirements and promotions, all staff are still in the posts allocated at the time.
‘It was imperative for the ongoing success of the company that the restructuring of the production function was carried out without any detriment to operations. Jo’s management and involvement of staff working in production made a major contribution to the success of the project.’
Operations Director, Three Valleys Water

Merger of two water companies

Two companies, with a total turnover of over £150 million were successfully merged to a tight time deadline, within the agreed budget and achieving better than planned savings from the budget. Outputs were maintained throughout the 6 month project period and all regulatory obligations were met.
‘The merger required detailed attention to a wide variety of issues. These were handled by the appropriate people with all executives kept appraised of progress so that there were no surprises and all the success criteria were exceeded.’